Designing a winning grant figure!

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Do you have an upcoming grant deadline?
Join our webinar on designing a winning grant figure to learn how you can level-up your application and secure your next grant! You'll learn how to:

- communicate your information in a clear and visually interesting way
- speed up your figure-making with easy-to-learn design tricks
- create powerful visuals to enhance your story and impress your reviewers

... and more!


This webinar will be led by Shiz Aoki (CEO and Co-founder of BioRender). Join Shiz for an hour-long session and learn how you can create better science visuals for your next grant!

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Jan 19, 2023 at 1:00PM (EST):

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We'll also be doing a live figure makeover! Submit your grant figure for a chance to get it redesigned during the webinar.

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Are you preparing a grant proposal? Join us to hear tips from top grant winners and reviewers! We'll review how to best prepare grant applications including overall structure, design and figures!


Jan 20, 2022 (THU) | 2:00 - 4:00 PM ET

2:00-2:25PM ET

Winning Your First Major Grant [without Data!]

Dr. Charles Daniel Murin, recipient of an NIH R01 for early stage researchers, shares how he strategically used visuals to create a compelling research story in his application, despite having little preliminary data.
2:25-2:45PM ET

A Reviewer’s Perspective: The Right Way to Approach NIH Grants

As a seasoned grant winner and reviewer, NMHD study section member, Dr. Peter J. Turnbaugh, will share a reviewer’s perspective on what tips will help you win your next grant, in an engaging talk and Q&A session.
2:45-3:20PM ET

Panel Session: Why Strong Visuals Secure Grants

Can you quickly captivate reviewers’ attention on the impact of your proposal? Should the Specific Aims page include a figure? We’ll discuss these and other key ways to make your applications stand out during the review process.
Panel - Dr. Danielle Matsushima, Dr. Ariella Shikanov, and Dr. Peter J. Turnbaugh
3:20-4:00PM ET

BioRender Top Grant Tips

Shiz Aoki, CEO & Co-founder of BioRender, will outline quick & easy tips to action on the advice we’ve heard today, as well as give her top 5 figure and design tips all grant applications shouldn’t be without!


Shiz Aoki

Co-founder & CEO,

Peter J. Turnbaugh, PhD

Grant Winner / Reviewer
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology,
University of California, San Francisco

Charles Daniel Murin, PhD

Grant Winner (Katz R01)
Sr. Staff Scientist,
Scripps Research

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